• Kingdom Empowerment

Kingdom Empowerment Sessions

"Your success in life is determined on your knowledge of the word of God"
Pastor Gregory J Williams

Kingdom Empowerment Sessions is just that, it seeks to empower believers in the word of God, equipping strengthening and encouraging people in life and motivating people to overcome the difficult situations in life with the truth of the word of God.

Why Do I Need That? I Can Study the Bible On My Own! Sound familiar? Maybe that's even what you're thinking right now. And yes, you can study the Bible on your own. In fact, you should!

However we gather together to get a deeper understanding of the word of God. We can encourage each other, we equip one another, and help one another.

Each Wednesday we equip you in the word of God so you can deal with the issues you face in life with courage, strength and wisdom.

God's word is rich and powerful and the revelation of the scripture is brought alive in a modern and current way but God anointed teachers. We delve into the depth of the word and gain greater understanding of God's Word.

Not to be missed by anyone who seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Kingdom Empowerment Sessions are conducted every Wednesday at 7:00pm at church.

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